Be the Gold 

Happy Summer!! 

As we near the Summer Solstice, I am SO excited to announce my brand new single out now on all major streaming platforms. I haven't been this giddy about a song in a long time.  Now is the moment to soak up the golden light of the sun and to reflect that light back to each other. It's time to shake off the past and to reconnect with our dreams. 

This song was written with my dear friend, Tina Matthieu, and with the incredible Ramsizo Burguda, of Maburguda Nation, a Kenyan hip hop band based…

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New Song out today! 

Hi Friends, 

Words cannot express how excited I am for the release of my new single today (Friday, May 21st.) It's such an honor to be able to create music from the heart and then to collaborate with amazing people (like my wonderful, beloved producer, Mark Browne) to bring it to the world! 

We've all been in survival mode on some level.  We recognize it in each other, behind our masks... No one I know got through 2020 without a scratch. My hope is that we can come together in forgiveness and compassion…

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It's WHo You Are 

It's not your secret to keep.  It's who you are.

Sometimes the most beautiful, life-changing message comes when we are least expecting it. 

Charlie is a sweet, kind man who visits us at the store in Venice and brings beautiful flowers that he picks. Charlie is homeless, and he's one of the most incredibly generous people I've ever known.  

One day, as the sun was setting in a colorful and breezy sky, Charlie called us outside to listen to a street musician.  "Isn't it amazing??" he…

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First Paper Flowers show! 

I'm so thrilled to say that Renee Stahl and I will be joined by a great band to debut the songs we have been writing lately for our new project, Paper Flowers!  We play THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at Room 5 in Los Angeles. We had such a fun rehearsal today.  She and I have both been writing and recording on our own for a long time, but we have also sung backgrounds for other artists, and LIVE for harmony.  It's just pure bliss to sing with her.  I hope our friends in LA can come by this weekend for a little…

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In the studio 

I have been writing a lot of songs with my friend Renee Stahl lately.  I love singing with her, and the songs just seem to materialize as soon as we start to harmonize over a chord on the guitar.  I've always loved her voice, so it's really fun to get to sing with her.  We've brought the new tunes into the studio with Mark Browne, and he has been adding all sorts of cool instrumentation.  NOW we just have to come up with a band name- any ideas??

Escuela Del Rio Benefit SO much fun! 

Just got back from a great weekend of music!  We played at the benefit for the Escuela del Rio in Paso Robles on Saturday, and it was such an amazing night.  Thanks to Mike Kosin for setting it all up and infusing the whole thing with such joy.  We were honored to share the stage with The Salty Suites, and look forward to playing with them again soon!

Show in Santa Margarita Cancelled! 

I just got the word that our show in Santa Margarita at The Porch has been cancelled.  We were scheduled to play this Thursday night, and the venue is no longer hosting live music.  We do still have a show the very next night in Paso Robles at D'Anbino Cellars though.  All the details are on the calendar page.

Ginger Tea 

Sometimes just the simple warmth of ginger tea by candlelight can be so wonderful.  I hear it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I hope it does.  We have really been needing some rain.  I do love the sunny days, but I miss the cozy gray days.  We haven't had any kind of winter this year.  When it's so sunny all the time, I find it hard to sit and write.  I always feel like I need to be out in the world, soaking up every bit of light.  My dog feels the same way.  When it's rainy, she's totally content to curl…

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A Residency at Molly's! 

I'm really excited about my upcoming residency at Molly Malone's in L.A. with Philip Sayce!

Molly's is such a great place to play- Richard does an amazing job on the sound, and the stage feels like a second home to me.  I also love that the music room is separate from the bar.  That makes it a true listening room.  Playing a residency gives us a chance to stretch a little and maybe play some new songs, or throw in a cover or two...  Right now I'm making my set list for next week.  Yay!

Concert Tonight 

I love show days.  I always try to leave the day free if it's in town, so that I can take some time for myself.  I love to think about all of the songs I'm playing in the set, and really live inside of them for a day.  Today is a beautiful one!  It's a perfectly mild summer L.A. day.  The sun is out and there's a refreshing breeze.  Kora, my pup and I went on a great hike in Griffith Park this morning, and now we're sitting in the backyard. Kora's napping and I'm listening to the birds  ..."who can…

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