It's May!!!



Everything is in bloom, and the birds are singing to me through the window.  I love this time of year.

Mark Browne and I have been living in the studio lately, recording songs for my new CD.  We've both been so inspired by the way the pieces are falling together.  We're very blessed to have our dear friends and wonderful musicians like James Harrah, Dave Beyer, Bernie Barlow, Fritz Lewak, Paul Trudeau, Nick Kirgo, and Mark Goldenberg come over and add their magic to the songs. 

 I have a lot of people to thank fo helping make our recording process a reality (thank you, thank you, thank you!)  We've been taking pre-orders since January, and have raised enough money to pay for everything so far.  We're about two thirds of the way through recording, and are still raising money through pre-orders. You can just go to my home page to check it out and order your copy.  Every time a new order comes though, it means we get to put a little more into this project, and I am so grateful for that. I really cannot wait to get this CD to all of you!

In June, we'll be playing a really special show in Santa Monica, CA with the band. We'll be opening up this beautiful yoga/ meditation/ music space before the show for a private party to honor the people who have pre-ordered CDs.  I promise, it will be a night to remember!  Please mark your calendars.  I will have more details in the coming weeks, and I hope to see you there.

 In a few weeks Mark and I will be hitting the road to play for our friends in Northern California and Oregon.  We have a lot of new tunes to play for you!


Thanks again for all of your support.  I couldn't do it without you!  Now, I'm off to sing another vocal...





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