I wrote a hit song!

"This camp was built to music, therefor built forever."

I'm so happy to be back here in this beautiful place that shaped so much of my musical life.

AND, I'm getting a taste of what it would be like to have a hit song!  When I was a counselor at a summer camp in the San Juan Islands years ago, I wrote a song called "Set Out" with 2 friends, Jon Georgitis, and Doug Archibald, who led sailing and canoe trips with the kids.  

Early this year, a friend from camp contacted me and told me that the kids are still singing our song!  I wrote to the director, one thing led to another, and now I'm up here at summer camp, writing and singing with the kids.  Whenever I'm introduced, "She wrote 'Set Out'" follows my name. YOU wrote "Set Out???" The campers/ staff say in awe.  I LOVE that song!" 

I am so amazed by the power of music.  A song I wrote with some friends in one inspired moment has lived on in the voices and hearts of so many kids over the years.  I heard them sing the song this morning and it brought tears to my eyes.  I'm so grateful for this gift of song.  I'm thankful to life for showing this to me, right now, as I'm finishing the recording my 5th CD, unsure of where all of these new songs will end up.  Every song has a life of it's own, and continues to teach me as it grows.


Set Out


Set out on the road yesterday

Brought my guitar along

Two weeks now I've been traveling

Trying to find me a song


And I can't find the words to write it down, but I'm found


Met a man on the road yesterday

Asked him which way to go

He said it doesn't matter which way you turn

As long as you take it slow


And I can't find the words to write it down, but I'm found


Set out on the ocean yesterday

Trying to find me a breeze

Who knows when I'll come home again

Blowing in from the seas


And I can't find the words to write it down, but I'm free


Walking on the road the other night, I thought I lost my way

But I found my soul again when I heard the children play


The comfort of the gypsy voices, singing sweet harmony

The songs that will always bring us to the place we want to be


And I can't fins the words to write it down, but I'm free

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