Build it Again

Last night I sang to Paul Trudeau's new piano track on "Build it Again."  This song is my current favorite.  It's different than anything I've written before.  It took me a little while to feel comfortable with such an open, sparse track.  I'm more used to singing with a full band now, and this song is pretty much just voice and piano.  It is such a lovely song! It's about letting go- something I could do a lot more of...  I'm grateful to Paul for writing it with me.  His piano playing led me into new territory.

Here's a clip from the day he played his part. 


Thank you to Roxy for your contribution toward the recording! I cannot wait to get some new CDs to you!

We've raised about $1200 so far! We still have a ways to go to build a promotion budget, so please spread the word about pre-orders. All of the information is on my home page.

Also, if you would like to be present for a recording session, now's the time to schedule that! (Attending a recording session in L.A. comes with $1000 contribution.)




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