One Suitcase

I'm so excited to have a NEW SONG to share with all of you! I wrote "One Suitcase" after I had a dream that I was waking up in a strange place as someone else. I knew that I had fled a disaster, and I knew that I had lost everything except for the suitcase at the foot of the bed. I could tell I was at a friends' house- far from the home I had known my whole life. The precious things in my suitcase had taken on such a new importance, as they were all I had to remind me of the past. I'm really grateful that this song came to me in this way. I wish they all did ;-0) I have never been to New Orleans, and actually don't know anyone who went through Hurricane Katrina, but through the dream, and through writing this song, I have developed a much deeper compassion for the people who are still dealing with the loss of their homes. When it comes down to it, all any of us really have is what we can carry. I recorded this track with some amazing Nashville musicians through My Record Label. I love working with this label. Their motto is "Empowering the Independent Artist," and they really mean it. If you download "One Suitcase," or any of the songs that we'll be posting on the site, the money actually comes straight to me. They don't take a cut. They just want the traffic. Right now, "One Suitcase" is at number one on the home page, which is pretty great. I hope you will go to and check it out. They also just put up a video clip of my performance at El Cid in Hollywood last Saturday night. If you click on my name under the song, it will take you to the video.

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