So grateful!

I feel so lucky to have such amazingly supportive fans.  In 2 days, we've received $250 to go toward the recording of the new CD.  That is awesome!  At this rate, we'll have it done in no time! 

Today, Mark is over at Dave Beyer's studio.  Dave's putting drums on a new track Mark and I wrote called, "Harbor." 

I'm really excited about this song.  It reminds me a little of Lucinda Williams (who I love.)

It's about how too often we hold our greatness in instead of sharing it with the world.

I was talking to a good friend a couple of nights ago about this very thing.  She said, "This is my year to start being BIG!  No more thinking small for me."  I love that! 

Let's all be big, beautiful, creative points of light. 

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