Bigger Than Life

I love this new song that Debra Davis and I wrote called "Bigger Than Life."  It's a sweet, light-hearted love song.  Mark is playing mandolin on it, which is pretty exciting.  His mandolin's name is Rose, and this will be her debut on my recorded music. 

We had Debra and Nick Kirgo over the other day to put down the guitar and piano part, and I'll be posting some fun footage from that session soon. 

Here's the session with Bernie Barlow from a few days ago.  That was a blast.  She sang on "still," the song that we wrote together, and on a new one called "Good Rain."

We're steadily recording all of my new songs, and it's going really well!  It's always a little daunting to realize how much work is in front of us when we start a new project, but at this point, I feel like I can see the shape it's taking, and how everything fits together. 

In other news, I'm at #26 on the ReverbNation Pop charts for L.A.!  I'm happy about that!  And I made this little TunePak: that you can post anywhere (blog, website, Facebook...) to help spread the word about my music.  Thanks for your support!

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