Throughout Harbour, Wilson’s passion for life and music is evident. While her talent is undeniable, in a world full of singer-songwriters it’s hard for many to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, beautiful ballads like “Build It Again” set her apart. Segueing effortlessly from the more up-tempo tracks to the heartfelt ballads, Wilson is a musician to reckon with.” - Annie Reuter
 Wilson's voice is high and soothing, but still maintains enough power to push to the forefront of some very dense arrangements… Between Lily Wilson's gorgeous voice and Mark Browne's impeccable production, every song is able to offer something unique to the listener…  Fortunately for Wilson, her exceptional blending of different musical styles has made Harbour a great place for various music fans to dock.” - Heath Andrews
Lily Wilson's album "The Right Time" shows just why I love having her lend her talents to my work. She is an incredibly accomplished artist. The duet she sings with Philip makes me crazy, I love it.” - Melissa Etheridge
Wilson is an accomplished singer-songwriter with a well-honed ear for pop hooks and melodic flights. The songs on "Harbour," which generally deal with self-discovery, and love and its various consequences, are fresh and bright, and exude California sunshine. The title track deals with the desire to move on and progress; it's sung with understated passion over some surprisingly muscular guitar. "To Be Someone" rattles along at an impressive pace and is thoroughly addictive - in a nice way. The album ends well with a most agreeable reading of U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name".” - Leicester Bangs
Lily Wilson's new "Harbour" is more Whidbey Island than Long Island. A collection of honest, lyrical songs, beautifully performed. The core maturity/simplicity of musicianship and production suits perfectly one's need to connect, which can be hard to come by these days. Open a nice Albarino, sear some scallops and let the warmth of Lily Wilson guide your evening. You'll be very glad.” - Scott Wojahn
Fans of Melissa Etheridge will note that Lily has sung and toured with her, joining her husband/writer partner Mark Browne. Lily's music is a wonderful personal journey and is immediately warm and friendly. It's a solid collection of singer/songwriter songs from a woman with a positive point of view and a voice that is easy on the ears.” - David Cole (producer)
Lily - your concert the other night and the new CD has me on the edge of my seat. I am so impressed with your work and am astonished how it continues to have the same amount of integrity, impeccable craft, thoughtfulness and love while growing with each album! When I listen to your work I feel as if I am hearing my own life/love story on a complete parallel path.” - Koren (L.A. graphic artist)
Hearing Lily play live ... butterscotch morning sunshine with a cool breeze” - Paul Sprawl (musician)
This lady got skillz! Pure, raw unadulterated talent in bucketfulls. I can't wait to hear her on my radio. I feel priveleged to have had the opportunity to do a review for her! Heartfelt emotion flows from her like rivers and anyone who hears this lady's music will definitely know where I'm coming from. I have to admit I'm not truly a folk/country pop lover, however Lily Wilson has achieved the one thing all artists are fighting to achieve. The true crossover sound... In spanish or english her sexy voice will have the gentlemen crooning her tunes and the ladies will be right beside them singing along. Hot! Hot! Hot! Ask me and I'd have to say Lily Wilson is the full monte, the complete package exactly what true music lovers need. Look out Sarah Mclaughlin!!! Rock on baby! Reviewer: Duss Rodgers Standout Tracks: Nada Para Mi, The Peace Song, Second Best (4 1/2 stars)” - Duss Rogers
Hola. Muchas gracias por enviarme los CDs. Son estupendos, y perfectos para el programa. Te aseguro que los voy a programar. Un saludo cordial” - J.L. Bueno, "La Otra Musica" Radio in Cadiz, Spain

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