New Song out today!

Hi Friends, 

Words cannot express how excited I am for the release of my new single today (Friday, May 21st.) It's such an honor to be able to create music from the heart and then to collaborate with amazing people (like my wonderful, beloved producer, Mark Browne) to bring it to the world! 

We've all been in survival mode on some level.  We recognize it in each other, behind our masks... No one I know got through 2020 without a scratch. My hope is that we can come together in forgiveness and compassion more with every passing day. The energy of forgiveness is what it takes to be the strongest, most realized versions of ourselves. I am sure of this. 

The song, "Forgiveness," followed me through 2020 like a guardian angel. I knew I had to record it, but I didn't know how. I didn't write it. Patty Griffin, one of my favorite writers of ALL TIME wrote it. I've loved it for so long. How could I do it justice??!? We probably recorded 10 versions before everything clicked and I knew THIS was it. It's the first time I've ever been in tears while recording a vocal. 

The photos are all from my family's ranch, as the green grass was pushing up through the destruction of the fires that burned everything except for the houses in August. The land is healing, blooming, forgiving... The earth is showing us how to be. 

Thank you for your continued support. It's a big day, an we'll be celebrating over here! I wish we could do a real live in-person show, but we're planning on live streaming show on Facebook and Instagram tomorrow night. If you listen on Spotify, please follow my artist page, and listen to the song HERE.

You'll be notified when I have new music coming out, and there will be more soon! The more people stream my song the first day it comes out, the more it will show up in searches, etc. and the more people will hear it, so I appreciate you having a listen. It's available to stream on all other major platforms too! 

Love and light, 


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