Back home

Wow!  Mark Browne and I just got back from a little whirlwind tour up the coast. We had a lot of fun, and met a lot of great new people.  We brought Kora, our little cattle dog pup, and she was a star!

The temperature never dipped below 90 the whole time we were traveling. Cups of ice and cool tile floors were Kora's friends :-)

I LOVED playing at Plaza Linda again.  The courtyard is so sweet, and the audience was wonderful.  Our host, Kiki Wow, was amazing.

The next morning, I had an interview and performance on KPIG, one of my favorite radio stations. I love that they actually play what they want to play, and they really promote local artists and their shows.  It was a lot of fun.

We celebrated the 4th with family in Napa, which was beautiful.  Ahhh- pool party in the vineyard.  Even if it was 100 degrees, the day was awesome.  

Our last show was in Santa Margarita at a great little spot called the Porch.  They serve yummy food and wine from local wineries, and the audience was really wonderful.  We'll definitely be back again to play Steve Key's Songwriters at Play. The super inspiring and talented, Maia Sharp headlined that show, and it was such a treat to see her play.

Now we're back at home, catching up on sleep and planning our next trip!

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