It's WHo You Are

It's not your secret to keep.  It's who you are.

Sometimes the most beautiful, life-changing message comes when we are least expecting it. 

Charlie is a sweet, kind man who visits us at the store in Venice and brings beautiful flowers that he picks. Charlie is homeless, and he's one of the most incredibly generous people I've ever known.  

One day, as the sun was setting in a colorful and breezy sky, Charlie called us outside to listen to a street musician.  "Isn't it amazing??" he said.  "He's sharing his gift with us.  What a beautiful thing."

My friend Sarah tapped Charlie on the arm and said, "You know, Lily is a singer too."  He looked at me with such awe and wonder...  

I just shrugged- Not a big deal.  

Charlie shook his head and said, "That's not your secret to keep.  It's who you are. You can help people.  You can help people with your music." 

So, I hadn't written anything in a while, but this one came pouring out the very next day like a flood, along with lots of tears...  

I had the amazing opportunity to play the song for Charlie, and here is the video of that magical day (by Sarah Teoderescu.)  It's funny- watching it, I realize that I'm laughing and crying a the same time, and there are lines that just won't come because my voice stops working...  For me it really was an amazing, life-affirming moment.

I recorded the song last week, and it's ready!!

All of the money made through downloads of "It's Who You Are" is going to help Charlie.

We're working with the LA Homeless Authority and the LA Fire Department, and soon he will be getting the support he needs.  

I hope that this little story reminds you of the gifts you have been given to share with this world.  Now is the time.


Love and light,





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