WOW! What an amazing day! 7-7-07. It's the beginning of something big. A change for a beautiful future. People are waking up. People are coming together. People are realizing that we only have one planet to share and we have the power to destroy it in our own lifetimes. So, let's not do that, O.K.? Let's create ways of nurturing the planet. Let's think about our impact. Let's be conscious of our actions. I was pretty nervous in the morning. I ordered a delicious breakfast of corncakes and eggs and I could barely touch it. What if I forgot my part? What if I walked out on stage with all of the cameras and 60 thousand people and fainted? Or what if I forgot the lyrics? Or fell off the stage? The truth is I figured out a long time ago that if I think it's about me and my little insecurities, then I will DEFINITELY mess it up. I feel really lucky to have witnessed Melissa Etheridge's journey over the last couple of years. I know that her message is powerful and true. And I know, like she does, that it's not really coming from her, but through her. She opens herself up to the magic and the beauty and the truth, and she doesn't try to hold it back as it absolutely pours from her heart. As I wrote about the coming day in my journal Friday night, I thought about what my part really was on stage with her. The thought I kept having was that it felt like I was going to attend a birth. I remembered the feeling of anticipation in the delivery room when my sister was having a baby. Everyone could feel the energy of a new life coming to earth. We were excited and nervous and blown away by the intensity. I held a vision of hope and peace, of health and positivity. After Melissa introduced Al Gore, and the stage rotated around, we all hugged and laughed and felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment and relief. Melissa had nailed it, as usual; and we were all so happy to have been a part of the delivery of her message. There is a link to watch the show on http://www.liveearth.org

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