Good Rain

We are working on a song today called "Good Rain."  This is one that I woke up with about a year ago. I was singing the first line of the song over and and over, and I loved it. 

I sat down with Mark and he came up with a great chord progression. 

And then, it just stayed the way it was.  Some songs are like that.  I'll get the first line and the melody of the chorus, but that's it.  Sometimes it can be hard to know how hard to work on something; but if it isn't flowing after a few tries, I'll put it away for a bit.  Looking back, I'm realizing that, of course it would be hard to write a rain song when we've barely had any rain over the past year.  A couple of weeks ago, when it started to rain in earnest, this song came knocking again.  Mark just put down a great acoustic guitar part, and later I'll sing a scratch vocal.  That will give us an idea of where to take it next...


Thank you so much to Frank, who just helped us reach over $1100 toward the CD recording this morning. I so appreciate your support!  

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