Over $600!

We just got a payment of $100 from Jeff in Ohio. 

This is what he wrote:

"Lily, here is a small contribution to help with expenses for your new CD. I've always enjoyed listening to your music, even way out here in Ohio.  Since it is doubtful I will ever be out in L.A. to hear you in person, I am happy to help you make a new record that I can hear. Have fun recording. -Jeff"

Thank you Jeff!

I can't wait to send the new CD to you! (And my back catalog and a T-shirt...)

Even $10 adds up! And here's a reminder of what the price levels will get you:


For $10- a T-shirt and sticker,
$25- an advance signed CD weeks before they are available (+T-shirt +sticker)
$100- my entire signed catalog (+advance CD, T-shirt, stickers),
$250- thank you in the CD credits (plus all CDs, T-shirt, stickers,)
$500- thank you + your photo in the CD credits (plus all CDs, T-shirt, stickers,)
$1000- you attend a recording session in L.A. (we always need clappers!),
$2500- a signed guitar (it's a good one!),
$5000- we come to your house and play a concert for you and your friends,
$10,000- I write a song for you!
To use Paypal, just go to http://www.paypal.com and send your chosen amount to lownotesinc@earthlink.net.
Thanks again for your amazing support.

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